1) General Description of the WQ Data Viewer

The DEQ WQ Data Viewer is an Internet based GIS application (on-line mapping program) providing a visual tool for viewing and querying information. The available data includes information on the following:

  • DEQ Regulated Activities – Includes wastewater, public water supply, air, superfund, landfills, TSD, LQG, TRI, and SARAIII facilities.

  • Statewide Imagery - 3-D topo quads, aerial photography, and shaded relief.

  • Water Quality Monitoring Data – Data compiled from all state environmental agencies; OWRB, Corporation Commission, Conservation Commission, ODAFF, and DEQ.

  • Basic Geographical Information - hydrography, transportation, latitude/longitude, legislative districts, township/range/section.

2) Accessing the WQ Data Viewer

To access the DEQ Data Viewer go to DEQ’s main web page at - http://www.deq.state.ok.us

In the lower left hand corner, under “DEQ Information”, click on: Oklahoma Monitoring Data


This will bring up the welcome page for the Data viewer, providing users the opportunity to select screen view size (i.e. for laptop, 15in. monitor, or the larger 21in.monitors).

Under “Launch the GIS Data Viewer”

Select Small, Medium or Large

This will bring up the interactive mapping application in an optimized view size.

You may also just click on the state map and it will automatically bring up the Data Viewer in a Medium view size.


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